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Endre Ady: Message to my Old School

Painting by Veronika M. Simon
It was in June, we shouted with joy: it’s over,
Now come to me you unchained delights,
Perish you corded schools for evermore.
But suddenly calmed down the storm of glee
And was replaced by a stunned silence:
Around the whirl of Life we had to see.
Oh, holy waking of adolescence,
Serene, grand light, heroic role of man,
Your memory is full of wondrousness.
The Life’s heroic fight, to walk it’s nice,
When flaming smelting-works harden to it
The burning-blazing hearts of youthful knights.
When school will be resounded by life alone,
The life will be an unshadowed school
And their alliance will go on and on.
My alma mater, thank you day by day
That in the course of fight of life of mine
You sent me merry words, you could them say.
You permanently gave me power an’
You thought to love the man, to contend strong,
To stand with faith before the God and man.
It’s June and I’m alone and feel a cool
And haunt me all the ghosts of bygone days
And all releasing wooden desks of school.
And me, the good old boy now raise my heart
And greet the newcomers, the new students:
Ahead, my boys don’t fear and do your part.
Though fight is hard, the world is worth, you’ll stand,
When all the men remain as they have been:
A noble, fighting, free-hearted student.
Translated by Ottó Tomschey  

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