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God bless the Kaleidoscope magazine!

„Dear Rózsa, I do not know your standpoint, but I do not believe in chances. Everything is of its reason, as it was also a reason that in March 2013 you were assigned to be my mentor in the frame of the first Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program…

Dear Rózsa, you might not have guessed, but in addition to your mentoral support, your personality and deeds also served as a reason. I will never forget our evening talks when I astonishingly listened to the story of your life, reflecting all the inhumanities you had to suffer. I meditated many times how in spite of these, you were able to remain so instinct with life. And then as time passed, I recognized that faith was always the moving force for you believing in a more beautiful and better tomorrow.

This faith was responsible for the fact that you never gave up a hope and it helped you transcend all tribulations. It gave you power to firmly overcome the stormy waves of hurtful waters. I do believe that this faith is also behind your great creative work, the Kaleidoscope magazine, which is a great success in itself. They say behind a successful man there is always a strong woman. And now, let us invert that thesis: behind a successful woman there stands an intelligent, highly amiable gentleman (I think we all know who I am speaking of). Summing up all these, the final result is unambiguous: behind a Hungarian magazine in circulation for twenty years, eight thousand kilometres from the motherland, there stood a strong couple. It was a true honour to experience this also personally. The time spent with you and us working together helped shape who I am today.

Dear Rózsa, I do not know your standpoint, but I do not believe in chances. I believe in God and in a homeland – which forever is Hungary. I do believe and know that She also believes in us, otherwise the flame of Hungarians could not live around the world. And I am relient on the belief that you will continue to keep that flame alive for a long time!

God bless the Kaleidoscope magazine!”

László Kálmán,
former scholar of the Kőrösi Csoma Program, Szeged, 2018

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