Menü Bezárás

Helps our compatriots

„The twenty years old Kaleidoscope periodical… helps our compatriots living in the Carpathian Basin as well as our English-speaking friends who are interested in our cultural and historical values… Those who arrive from other cultural spheres into a new country, find a form of secularization that is not experienced in their homeland. We call this culture shock; a state of mind requiring the presence of committed persons… namely those who are able to provide support for life in diaspora and the preservation of national identity abroad under unusual circumstances… Following the Great War, the Second World War, 1956 and then to the nineties, pastors of different religions have made a special point of promoting the identity of Hungarians in the field of religion and culture, as well…. your magazine – Kaleidoscope – has played a similar role. Twenty years ago the dream of Rózsa Dancs and her husband was not a self-serving purpose but a decision for Hungarians whereever they live…”

Prof. László Vencser, Wien/Linz, 2018

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